Dec 30, 2010

three different cities, three different days.

Currently I am miles from home at the local Panera Bread in Concord, New Hampshire. I am visiting my dad this holiday and I have been able to see some very fascinating cities. We landed in Boston, drove through Maine to visit a family friend for Christmas, and had a very scenic drive to Montreal, Quebec. We drove through the White Mountains which was absolutely beautiful. Scenes so beautiful you feel like you just walked into a postcard. Here's a few shots from the cities/scenes I've seen thus far.


 White Mountains, New Hampshire
 Montreal, QC
 Old Montreal, QC

I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to travel to these places. Naturally I am homesick but it's been very nice not having to worry about work or school. Tomorrow we are planning on going on a "safari tour". A safari tour in December in the North? Should be interesting haha and of course snowmobiling! I've avoided Snowboarding this trip because of my everlasting cough :/

Today my sister and I walked around downtown Concord. I am always intrigued by cities and their downtown. It was filled with interesting cafes (other than Starbucks) and stores. We even passed by a little theater that was playing Black Swan! Which was playing in the next 10 minutes we arrived so naturally we saw it. I have so much respect for Natalie Portman. Even Mila Kunis did well in this movie. Everyone should watch it, just be prepared for some awkward scenes when you're watching matinee with all the old folk haha

Other than my travels, not too much has been going. I've been thinking about some New Year's Resolutions and everything I want to accomplish next year. Haven't made an actual list yet...when I do, I'll be sure to let the world know.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully safe New Years :)

Dec 10, 2010

December, Be Kind

taken 12.8.10 (c) m.vega
"be better than you were yesterday."
It's been a while since I've
taken photos,
or had any kind of artistic outlet.
Now that school is going to settle down [just for a few weeks], I've been trying to do some art projects that I've been thinking about for a while. I've started taking pictures again - that's a start. I can't say I'll have one for every blog post, but that's the goal. I've recently become attached and intrigued by bows. It started when I had to work at Ruby Tuesday and all I could wear was black, which for me is a little bleh, so I started wearing things for my hair, and boom - this fascination for bows, flowers, ruffles, & hair clips began. Luckily it hasn't done much damage to my wallet.
Quick recap of important events -
  • Decided on a major/minor! Public Relations Major, Sociology Minor
  • New job. Same responsibilities. [New restaurant, same positions]
  • I have kept my personal pact of growing my hair out
  • Boone never surprises me with its ridiculous weather
  • I've started playing Bookworm again (Click to play!) It's addictive but stimulating
  • I've (recently fallen) in love with: Netflix, my townhouse, my roommates, my loft of a room, the excitement of my future plans, Mumford & Sons, my boots, and the people/person in my life.
  • I'm excited for: the holiday season, my trip up North, my trip home next week, giving Christmas gifts, 2011, for my last final on Monday, my art projects, my new Toms/Typewriter/Snow shoes, and to wear my mustard yellow trench coat around.
best wishes,

Ps. Forgive me for the lack of development with this blog. I promise to update, make it more "cool" as soon I find the inspiration, motivation, and that so called "time".