Apr 25, 2011

Music[video] Monday 001

I like lists, series and music videos.
So why not make create a series of music videos every Monday.
Just because it sounds cooler that way.
It seems as though music videos have lost their popularity. It may be generational or I just don't watch television as much or these "music" channels just don't play music. Do you remember the days of ...Pop-Up Video!? I, on the other hand, love music videos and therefore want to share them. Thanks YouTube!

Today will be a throwback. Please keep in mind this is not the greatest song on the planet nor is the greatest music video, but The All-American Rejects remind me of when I was ...let's say 12. I still have the burnt cd of their first album my friend gave to me. The same friend I used to watch Moolah Beach with :] Anyway, I like this music video because it references Post Secret and I do love Post Secret.

Enjoy the throwback!

Ps. Sorry for the lack of updates. I will be better at blogging and make you WISH I didn't blog as much.

Hasta la vista!
Good luck on finals and such you college kids. (deep breath)
(new signature...like?)

Apr 11, 2011

Celebrity Serve 2011

Interested in eating out on the town tomorrow evening, Tuesday April 12 in Boone, NC?
Ah, then read on and if you're curiosity is peaked.

Celebrity Serve is a local fundraising effort by local restaurants of Boone and Blowing Rock dedicated to raising money for local charities or nonprofit organizations. Celebrity Serve is in it's sixth year and this year will be benefiting OASIS (Opposing Abuse with Service, Information, and Shelter), a local nonprofit organization founded in 1978 dedicated to ending domestic and sexual abuse in Watuaga County.

This year's "celebrity servers" are local personalities ranging from the Appalachian State University coaches or athletes to Boone's local meteorologist, Ray Russell.

All tips and a percentage of the sales all go toward funds for OASIS if you eat at the following restaurants:

Boone Drug
Casa Rustica
Mr. Original Gyros
Panera Bread
Primo's - I will be working and helping serve!
Storie Street Grill
The Peddler Steakhouse
The Town Tavern
Troy's Diner
Woodland's BBQ

Definitely come out at the town and enjoy some great local dining and helping a local nonprofit organization. It's a win/win situation. Even a small town like Boone can make the greatest difference.

See you all tomorrow evening! (I hope)
Remember - percentage of sales and ALL tips go toward Oasis!

- Melissa

Apr 10, 2011

Designated Designer

I realize I haven't blogged in awhile.
Since there is always a scapegoat, I blame my studies, work and the infamous InDesign program.
Many exciting things have been happening, and not so exciting things in my past couple weeks.

1. Got an internship! Summer internship with the Department of Communications at AppState. I'm very excited. I get six credit hours and have to complete 120 hours (which isn't so bad after spreading it over a 10 week period)
2. Found the Mumford & Sons vinyl along with tickets to see them in Asheville! Ex-CITING.
3. This evening is taco + margarita night!
4. I've had some wonderful entertainment opportunities (which I will blog about later)

Anyway -
I decided to showcase some of the design work I've had to do for my Media Publishing class. I have recently realized how much I enjoy designing things like magazine spreads, business cards or logos. I am merely an amateur but as a public relations major, it's good to have different design skills.

Here's some examples of my work:

Business card idea - designed the logo along with the layout of the card.

This was a magazine spread I had to create to represent myself. If you click on the photos, they should enlarge and you will be able to read the text.

Those are just a few things that I've been working on in InDesign.
I hope to learn more and eventually create more things with it!

Off to a Ben Folds Acoustic Concert on campus.
A blog about that later ;)

- melissa