Jul 31, 2011

First attempt with a Holga

A few blog posts ago ...in March, I mentioned in a blog post that I bought a Holga from UO.
Well, I finally had the chance to use it this week!
It had been years since I used any kind of film camera, yet along a Holga.
Definitely different from the DSLR I have become accustomed to and different from the Nikon '79
film camera I used for my Black and White Photography class.

With the Holga,
I took some photos of the band Elijah Leaves, which I am actually officially managing now!
Here's some shots from our photo shoot at Blue Ridge Parkway.
Other photos from the photo shoot can be found on their Facebook and website. Check it out!
PS. You all should like their page ;)


In other news, I have been enjoying some time at home this weekend.
I've spent some good quality family time filled with golf, good meals and even better company.
I also had the opportunity to catch up with my good friend Mike!
We filled our tummies with Mellow Mushroom and mint chocolate chip ice cream
and our time with good conversation. I hadn't seen him in years, but didn't feel like it.
What a great way to spend a Saturday :)

Back to Boone tomorrow.
Last week of my internship and I need to work hard to get these last projects done!
Hope everyone is having a fun-filled weekend.

Jul 29, 2011

Flashback Friday 003

Who doesn't love them?
I'm not exactly sure when these two were taken, but I do know I love the people in them.

Dear Photobooths,

You make pictures so much more fun and impulsive. Please never die out.

Love your fan,

Jul 28, 2011

Moleskine! Moleskine!

I bought my first pocket moleskine....maybe eight months ago?
I filled it up with lists, magazine cut-outs, recipes, doodles, poems and reminders.
Literally...filled it up, therefore, I had to buy a new one!
In honor of buying a new one and putting my old one on the shelf, here are some random moleskine entries.

I definitely recommend your own moleskine, or small pocket journal of any sort.
Fill it up with ideas, color, drawings, lists and more!

Jul 26, 2011

Music[video] Monday 005

I love your music Ingrid.
Simple as that.

Jul 24, 2011

Sunday's Someday 002 [imaginary closet]

Currently I have been obsessed with these looks!
Especially the high waist black pencil skirt. I think I've worn mine about three or four times this week! Wanna know a secret? All the ones I've bought are from Goodwill! At least with my experience, nice place to find good staple items. What I love about the black pencil skirt is that you can make it business casual, formal or make it fun...like adding a Fedora!

Like I know anything about Fashion... but I do know I like my black skirts :)

current obsession

Here's to another work week!

Preview of my Quote Book

      A few years ago, some of my good friends bought me that "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" book pictured to the left. Ever since they bought me it, I have created it into my official "quote book." A little place to find some inspiration or to inspire others. I have been currently working on it every now and then updating it with quotes, poems or any other such nonsense that I found appropriate.
         On my bucket list, one of my goals is to finish my first quote book. Who knows, I'll hopefully continue to make them, but let me finish one first :) Anyway, I'm about 75% done. This has been one of my favorite ongoing projects. I like some pages more than others, and some I just want to rip out forever! But that's the fun of it all I guess. To the right is a little preview of my quote book. Every now and then I'll post more pages and quotes. This isn't one of my favorite pages, but for some reason I scanned it on computer a couple years ago and I'm too lazy to scan another page...so you all get this page. If no one caught the reference, it's from "Perks of Being a Wallflower." On the right page, it got cut off but it was the beginning of one my favorite Andy Warhol quotes, "I think everybody should like everybody." I'll be sure to continually scan some more quotes from the book that I think all of you should enjoy.
        In other parts of my life, I have of course stayed pretty busy. I currently am helping my friends start a band. Well, they already created the band, but I've been dubbed as "Band Manager" which entails a lot of work and responsibility, but I have thoroughly been enjoying it. It's definitely a new kind of industry I am not used to, but I am ready to challenge myself. We are truly working hard to make this as successful as possible and I am in with all hands and feet. When we get more settled with recordings, our website and social media, don't worry, you'll get a blog post about it :) For now, just look out for us! We're coming and we're going to change the industry. I get to live my "dream" of being in a band, by just being their manager ;)

Ps. I am planning on updating the banner soon and add more aesthetically pleasing things to the blog soon.

If you all have some favorite quotes, let me know! I would gladly love to add them to my collection!

Jul 22, 2011

Flashback Friday 002


It's Halloween of 2009! My friends and I (well most of us) dressed up as Disney characters.
From left to right - Dr. Phil, Mulan (me), Nala, Batmans, Meg, Esmerelda, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, Pocahontas and Catwoman. We then proceeded to a dance party.

These are definitely some good times that I love to look back on. Hopefully we'll be able to dress up this year and have everyone together for Halloween. My roommates and I are definitely trying to implement some themed parties this year! It's our last year of college, so we're going to leave it with a bang!

Jul 20, 2011

A Monthly Decision

Is it in my blood?
Is it my astrological sign? (Ahem, Virgo)
Regardless, I love making lists and I love setting goals for myself.
Therefore, I have officially made a list of one goal for every month I set for myself.
Some are goals and some are ways to reward myself...regardless, it'll take discipline to complete each task (some more discipline than others...you'll see...)

Drum roll please...

Note the pretty cool stationary?
Definitely got it at Michael's for a dollar...each letter has a different photo, so go get yourself one ;)
It even has a calendar at the bottom to keep you even more organized!
And you all know how I feel about being organized.

So... starting next month, my first goal begins!
No new shoes...I made it a hard one on purpose. I'm completely taking this seriously.

Good night world

PS. I changed a few things around on the blog. Did a new, simple banner as well as added new links on the sidebar for the daily blogs I do :)

Jul 18, 2011

Music[video] Monday 004 + Grandfather Mountain!

I realize I haven't done Music[video] Monday in ....ok, I'll admit it, months.
But it is officially BACK - ON.

Today I share with you "Silver Lining" by Rilo Kiley.
The intro of the song is currently my text ringtone.

Rilo Kiley - 'Silver Lining' from the infantry on Vimeo.

My friends and I got rid of the Monday blues by being tourists and visiting Grandfather Mountain! Located in Linville, N.C., Grandfather Mountains sits, I believe, 5,946 feet above sea level. It was absolutely beautiful. It reinforced my love for the mountains and the area that I live in. You can actually do a lot in Grandfather Mountain aside from the beautiful views. They have an animal exhibit of bears, deers, cougars, eagles and otters, along with trails for easy walkers, or the intense hikers. You can also have picnics all around the area. They provide you with an audio cd when you first enter to help you make your way around (with blue grass music of course) but the views are enough to make the trip 20 minutes from Boone worth it.

During the month of APRIL, they have a great deal for those who live in the High Country. The entrance fee for Grandfather is only a dollar! My friends and I have already planned some picnic trips and hiking exursions!

In conclusion, today was a good day. I spent the rest of my short work day playing donkey kong (no wonder why I have a high heart rate) and watching The O.C.

Oh, and I just signed up for the GRE.
Yeah...life doesn't stop for anyone.

Jul 17, 2011

Sunday's Someday 001 [imaginary closet]

At the office

Mulberry loose shirt
$460 - mulberry.com
Chloé pleated pants
$550 - barneys.com
Unützer ballerina flat
€315 - unger-fashion.com
Proenza Schouler leather handbag
$2,350 - aloharag.com
Flower stud earrings
$11 - kohls.com
Oliver Peoples square sunglasses
$310 - net-a-porter.com

Starting SUNDAY'S I'll be featuring "Sunday's Someday", where I will showcase either my imaginary closet I hope to obtain in the future, or my hopes and goals for the future.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go home to visit some friends and family.
Let's just say I definitely had some eye openers and realized what my priorities should be.
Watch out world, nothings holding me back now!

Jul 15, 2011

Flashback Friday 001

It was a simple day,
with the sweetest love any daughter... any person could feel.

So simple.
I wish more things could be like this picture of me and my father.

Jul 13, 2011

14th Annual MusicFest 'N Sugar Grove


The event that I have been waiting for since April!
I had the opportunity to be a press intern for this wonderful nonprofit organization called MusicFest 'N Sugar Grove. Starting as Doc Watson Appreciation Day, this music festival has been putting on two-day music festivals of bluegrass, old time, folk and "traditional plus" (Doc Watson's genre) music for 14 years now! They are based in Sugar Grove, N.C., and are supported by Cove Creek Preservation & Development (CCP&D) in the Historic Cove Creek school. Here's an article about the little history behind their partnership and why they do what they do. Psst. Article is written by me! Pretty cool, huh?

Honestly, I am not a bluegrass fan but this festival has definitely made me appreciate bluegrass and the music up here in the mountains! Everyone was just jammin', eating some good grub (pulled bbq, blooming onions, kettle corn) and having a good time! I definitely had a great experience. I had the opportunity to watch Carolina Chocolate Drops, who actually met at Appalachian in 2005 during some sort of conference and Doc Watson, I should say legendary Doc Watson. At the event we had two stages - the main stage and the solar stage. The solar stage was powered by "Daisy", provided by Appalachian's Sustainable Development department. Our festival was definitely trying to go GREEN!

Overall, the festival was a success and I am glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it. It was filled with great music, familiar and new faces, passion and continuous support from the community. I love my little mountain town.
Pictured above: Megan and I working at the festival, the main stage, MusicFest merchandise, Daisy, southern pulled bbq and the main stage.

One of my good friends Eli, performed on the Solar Stage of the festival with the rest of his band. I hope they have some recordings soon with the whole band, but on the bandcamp, there are some acoustic recordings. You should definitely give him a listen, and who knows, support and buy his album? :)

Now that the festival is over, I have some what of a less stressful plate... but my other internship has definitely kept me busy! (in a good way) Hopefully I'll post some links with some stories that are published online soon! For now, I need to grab my neighbor so we can TAEBO.

Take care,

Jul 11, 2011

A Glimpse of Chicago

listening to "On the Wing" - Owl City
Ah, the memories of seeing him at Cat's Cradle with my best friends.

Anyway, last weekend (July 4th) I had the opportunity to visit Chicago with my family! It was much fun. You just can't possibly see Chicago in a weekend! It was about a 12 hour drive from Boone, but completely worth it (given, I didn't have to drive for the majority!) I was able to see a city that I've been thinking of living in one day? Maybe? It definitely didn't disappoint.

In a few words, my trip to Chicago was filled with amazing pizza, visiting the Willis tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, Navy Pier, jamba juice (at last!), miniature golf, family, endless laughter with my cousins, public transportation, the BEAN aka "cloud gate", comfy hotel beds, continental breakfast, fireworks, city lights, amazing views, possibilities and much much more. Chicago, we'll meet up again. I promise.

Here's a few photos from my trip.

Playing with my cousins at the Children's Museum (awesome museum!)


The streets of Chicago.

Deep dish pizza!

The BEAN! Or Cloud Gate, whichever you prefer.

Ah, the city

Navy Pier

Even though I thought I lightened my load when I quit my job at Primo's, life hasn't felt busier! I feel fortunate to have traveled this much this summer. I really wasn't expecting it. Illinois would be my fifth state this past month! Unbelievable! This past weekend I was super busy with MusicFest 'N Sugar Grove, the local nonprofit organization I was interning for. The 14th Annual MusicFest 'N Sugar Grove music festival is officially complete and was a successful event! All our hard work has definitely paid off. I will definitely post more details on the event next time. Other than that, I've been working hard with my other internship, currently working on about eight different stories! So lots of research, interviews, phone calls, emails, scheduling, revising but fun!

I hope everyone else's summer is going wonderfully.
I hope to see some of my favorite faces when I go home this weekend.

Jul 1, 2011


I'm still a believer.

I'm venturing off to Chicago this evening with some of my family!
I am very much excited. First time, but definitely won't be my last (I can feel it)
I'll leave you with something life changing.
Thank you Bon Iver for always singing right into my soul.

"I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bon Iver

"Morning will come,
And I'll do what's right;
Just give me till then
To give up this fight.

And I will give up this fight.