One thing I personally constantly complain about is that there is just not enough hours in the day. Even in my early twenties, I already feel my life slipping by me and when I take a step back I ask myself, am I spending my time wisely? Am I focusing on the right things in life? I think to myself, I wish I just had one more hour in the day to get things done, to see the people I love, to take my time instead of rushing or to just catch up. I always feel like that extra hour, or that extra moment would be used to be inspired by something.

Thus, the 25th hour.
The 25th hour is finding that "extra hour" in the day to do something, to spend it with someone you love, to find time for the things that matter most. You can take it literally by truly taking an hour of your day to do whatever you please, or metaphorically and just consciously make an effort to take some time off to feel inspired once again.

My sophomore year of college is when I chose the 25th hour and how it became the most relevant in my life. I had that "sophomore slump" and was desperately seeking time to find myself again in the midst of deadlines, papers, late nights and...well, college. I had a math assignment to come up with a business and create some sort of business model (I really forgot what the assignment was). I decided to create a coffee shop and called it the 25th hour, where customers would find that extra hour in the day to "escape" essentially. I had no intention of opening up a coffee shop because I am by no means a barista. I like drip coffee and drip coffee only, but I wanted the name to live on well after the assignment. I figured the blogsphere was the best place to feed into the idea of the 25th hour.

I would love to take the 25th hour to the next level some time in my life, but for now it is my little place in the internet where I can escape the daily grinds of life and find moments of inspiration. On my blog you will find most posts dedicated to photography, family + friends, music and little things in between because that's what I find the most inspiring. I hope you are struck by something whether on my blog, someone else's, a chord, a verse, a color palette, anything!

Stay inspired.
Find time for the moments in life that matter most.
Capture them.
Find your 25th hour,
and come explore mine.
Smile and stay awhile.

Love and other four letter words,


  1. WHOA. Haven't been on your blog in ages and I'm just blown away right now. I tried getting on a few weeks back and it was private. Sooo I'm glad you're back. Love this look. Keep it up. :)

    Missed you!!


  2. love love LOVE!!!! I can't express how much I love this enough! Oh Melissa, you truly are an inspiration :) Reading this was such a great way to start my day!

  3. this is beautiful! love the new blog melissa. very well made and inspiring

  4. Well that is clever!!!!!!