I am Melissa, the writer/photographer/designer behind The 25th Hour. The 25th Hour is a little space I created to focus on things that inspire and motivate me to grow constantly, personally and professionally. While pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Public Relations, I fell upon a love for photography + graphic design. I am still on the way to finding a voice with this blog along with my creative persona behind the camera + with graphic design. In life I intend to seize opportunities, explore, create, inspire, learn, keep promises and share a little bit of who I am to the world.

A few of my favorite things // live shows, over-sized knitted sweaters, simple jewelry, kept promises, crafts, road trips, travel, exploration, local markets + shops, shades of gray, sleeping in, mountains, simplicity,  complexities, discovering new music, turning strangers into friends, popcorn at the movies + creativity.

I work as a freelance graphic designer specializing in custom blog designs, logo design, branding consultation and development and more. My other passion includes photography where I love translating the raw, organic joys in life into photographs. You can view my portfolio at www.melissa-vega.com.

I wanted to create a space to find that "extra hour" in the day to stay inspired somehow, thus, The 25th Hour blog was born. It is a promise to find time for the things that matter most, whether that is spending time with loved ones, spending time with yourself, reflecting, creating, relaxing or just breathing. It represents making a conscious effort to take some time off and find inspiration once again. You can read more about the name here.

This blog is a taste of my journey to finding my 25th hour. It is a medley of photographs, ramblings, playlists, inspirations and the tidbits of in between. It will grow as I grow and change as I do. Thank for you stopping by! What I love most is when someone strolls in as stranger and walks out as a friend, so do say hello! I am on all sorts of social media platforms and would love to meet you.
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