Mar 20, 2011

different perspective

Here's to Monday! (link here)

Leah Dieterich's blog (check it out!) on giving gratitude on a daily basis.
Love her artistic flair on a simple, necessary concept.
Maybe we should all try it.
Give thanks to the little things in life...since those
are some times the things that matter most.

So here's some practice:
Thank you....
bed - for always being inviting at the end of my long days.
pillows - for the good company at night.
job - for letting me save, save, and eat.
legs - for not giving out on me after a weekend of serving.

like Leah, "thxthxthx"


1 comment:

  1. Interesting thought. I've always looked at everything as a whole. Though I have never taken anything for granted. I've lived with nothing, thus one learns to appreciate everything they have and what the world has to offer. Just remember to thank the person that made you laugh at work, the person that held the door for you, or the one picking up the things that you possibly dropped. I firmly believe that the only thing that matters most is showing kindness to others.
    La tua vita è un viaggio, basta ricordarsi do viverla.

    Sorry my Italian is a little rusty,