Dec 29, 2012


A few weeks ago, my friends Phil and I asked me to snap some photos of them for their Christmas cards and of course I said yes! We took a quick stroll through the Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary before heading off to a Christmas party and for me, a night downtown.

Are they not one of the most good looking couples... ever? Yeah, my friends are pretty cute. Plus, they have an awesome puppy named Angel! All three, I mean four, of us are on the hunt for a house to rent in the next couple months! I just can't wait to live with these three knuckleheads.

Oh, and they chose the last one for their Christmas card, where Angel looks like she is actually behaving ;) Angel refused to wear her holiday dress. Oh well. There is next year's card :)

In other photography news, I recently got hired to shoot a wedding next September! I couldn't be more nervous and excited... more so excited. I have high hopes for expanding my camera collection and invest in some lenses. Do you have any SLR camera recommendations? I am thinking of switching to Canon, but I have been a Nikon D60 kind of lady for so long now. Any advice is welcomed!

If you are in or near the Raleigh are and interested in a photo session, do not hesitate to contact me!
My email is m.ashleyvega{at} I'd love to work with you :)


  1. I wish I knew more technically about varying cameras and their differences, because I wouldn't be able to say why or explain - but I've been super uninspired by my current camera (Nikon D90) lately and have been intrigued by my sister's Canon Rebel T3i. I just prefer the quality and the colouring of the photos. A friend explained it to me as something to do with the actual receptors much like the way different film has a different effect on photos? Not sure. But that's what's been on my mind photographically lately haah.

    These are suuuuch cute photos - I love your friend's blazer, such a nice pattern!


  2. adorable pics!


  3. Super cute and pretty impressive.. Pups are not the easiest to photograph;) lovely pictures!!