May 1, 2013

Andrew + Nicole | A Day At Pullen Park

And the cutest couple award goes to...

But seriously. We kind of had an impromptu photo shoot at Pullen Park because let's face it, I could not help myself but take photos of these adorable cats.

I show my Mom these photos and go, "Aren't they just adorable?"
and she replies, "Don't worry honey. You'll find someone one day."

Gee, thanks Mom?

Anyway, I am trying to build my Couples Photography Portfolio, so if you and your cutie pie want an impromptu photo shoot, contact me and we can get started :) It's too beautiful of a season to not get awesome pictures you can frame and post all over our Facebook. Am I right?

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  1. these are so cute! i'm excited to see you doing more photo shoots & to watch you grow!

    1. Ali, thank you so much.

      You are always such an encouragement! I am excited to open up more doors photography wise. Wish you were here to collaborate and show me the ropes! You are such a talented photographer!!

  2. Melissa, you are so talented! These photos are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Alison!! One day we will have to have a photo shoot together :D