Nov 2, 2011

An aDORAble Halloween!

The Halloween costume is revealed! Ta-da! Introducing Dora the Explorer! At first I was going to be Kourtney Kardashian so I could have a reason to wear "classy" clothing and red lipstick, but since I decided to work this weekend, I needed something family friendly, comfortable and inexpensive. The orange shorts and pink shirt was bought at Goodwill, pink socks at Wal-Mart and the backpack was purchased in Charleston this past summer [thanks to my Aunt!]. I just added eyes and a mouth :) All the kids kept saying "Where's map?!" and I had to tell them he was too tired and stayed at home (even though honestly I was too lazy to make one haha)

Enjoy the pictures!
Hope everyone had a wonderfully safe Halloween. Can't wait to see pictures of everyone's holiday.

What has been your favorite Halloween costume?

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  1. You make a cute Dora!
    We don't really celebrate Halloween over here, except for maybe the kids at home and in the big cities, so I didn't dress up... Maybe I should organize my own party next year, that'll be a good excuse to dress up :)

  2. Such a cute outfit! Seems like you had lots of fun :)

    xo Amber P.

  3. Swiper no swipe! Cute costume - especially Backpack!

  4. Oh my goodness, you are so adorable! Cutest costume ever!

  5. Awww, you're such a cutiepie! Great costume! I really, really like Gentri Lee's halloween group costume - rock, paper, scissors.


  6. omg that is so cute! I love your new blog design. :)

  7. You are so adorable! And I love your response to why the map wasn't there....pretty clever ;)

  8. your costumes are fab! love that you're Dora :)

  9. Your costume is so cute!! & I agree with your comment on my blog, I think we should just move to New York and blog, and wear cute clothes, and just design rooms forever.

  10. How cute!!!! I love your backpack ;)
    btw, I featured your interview on my page today

    and I was up at App this past weekend for Halloween! You should look at my halloween post! I went to Anna Banana's like you suggested ;)

  11. Oh my goshhh. hahah (: these are so cute!

  12.!! you make the greatest Dora EVER!!!


  13. That's so so cute! Such an adorable, clever costume :o and you pull it off so well ;)


  14. Stop being so adorable! Your costume is just perfect! Is that guy in the bottom right photo dressed as Cap'n Crunch? If so, awesome. Glad to see you had a fun Halloween though :) Hope you're doing well!

  15. haha so cute! my friend was dora this year too (she's a preschool teacher) .. very fitting for her actually.

    my costume was last minute too! but i had a great time, regardless. i hope you did too!

    come visit soon!

    cindy - design3rd

  16. hahah! I love your Dora costume! you do look like her with your fringe! :p

  17. That Dora costume is waaay too cute!

    Stopping by from Soleil Solene. :)