Nov 10, 2011

laugh list v.1

In the midst of deadlines, over committing my time, stressful environments and no sleep [welcome to college!], it's important to take a breathe and focus on the fun things in life. With this being said, I decided to start compiling a little "laugh list" where I share with you all things that helped me survive my weeks and find joy in the little things in [college] life. It's important to laugh :] Hopefully these things will make you laugh as much as it made me.

+ Barbie & Ken's wedding
Hi-larious! It's hilarious because it's so well done! I know you've probably seen these puppies floating around the internet, but just in case you didn't, I am here to share them with you! Photographer Beatrice de Guigne featured this photo shoot on Rock n Roll Bride.

Guigne quoted, "Barbie was tired of waiting so she asked Ken to get married."

You go girl! *

+ Elf on a Shelf
I was on the blog Run with Scissors and came across these silly little photos of this elf! Who's this elf you ask? He is Santa's helper who keeps an eye on you to determine if you're on the nice or naughty list. They like to play hide and seek, especially with kids! You can read more here for the detailed story. Realistically, parents purchase this elf on the shelf to have fun during the holidays. Some people have come up with hilarious little photo shoots. Hope they make you laugh like I do :)

You can find some more floating around the internet :]

+ This Haiku, written by Chic on the Cheap

Hahahaha it's genius!

+ My friend Cameron's status on Facebook

+ My Dad's comment about "Hoe Cakes"

While we were having a family brunch at a restaurant called Courtney's, on their specials board they had an option called "Hoe Cakes" which apparently are cornmeal pancakes. (Honestly still don't really know what that means).

Anyway, my dad exclaims,

"Does it come with a side of hoochie mamas?"

Yup, my dad said that.
Now you tell me where I get my sense of humor from ....

Gotta love him :]
I sure do 

Ps. I made my little sister a picture of this with my phone haha. Thanks Megan!

What made you laugh this week?


  1. Haha, your dad's comment....sounds totally like something my dad would say. Oh dads :)

  2. LOL at your dad's comment, that sounds like something my dad would say. Dads with an off kilter sense of humor FTW! :D

  3. Your dads comment made me laugh! This is such a great post!


  4. Haha, your Dad's comment FTW!

    I love spending time on, it's both relaxing and funny :)

  5. um this is awesome! definitely gave me a laugh!


  6. hahah those little dolls are ridiculous! I need one to scare my boyfriend with.

    Thanks for following my blog, now following you back!

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  7. Aw what a good idea! I also love your idea for the previous post on a decision a good! I think i need to do both of these! :) -Lo

  8. Bahaha your dad's comment, thats so funny!
    Great little collection of laughs, love the comment about target too. :3


  9. hahahha i can't believe your dad's comment! he is awesome!!!

  10. HAHAHA omg, your dad's comment had me dying with laughter! Thanks so much for your comment, they always brighten my day!