Nov 29, 2012


FRI Nov. 30, 2012

Off to Wilmington this weekend I go!

Some of my best of best friends live in Wilmington so what better way to end the month than to spend it with my second family? I foresee lots of catching up, a trip to Hobby Lobby, hazelnut coffee in the morning, Flaming Amy's and just the best of company. On a not-so-fun note, we are sending off a dear friend of ours as he makes a move to Philly. I will miss you Sean! I never thought we would get to know each other so well and have countless adventures, but I hope they treat you well up there. North Carolina will always keep her arms open for you ;)

Okay, I should go pack and make a kick-butt playlist for the trip or something.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend friends! xo


  1. I had Flaming Amy's last time I was in Wilmington, LOVE the salsa bar. If I could move to any other east coast city right now, it would be Wilmington.

  2. Heres to the weekend! Its gonna be a good one. See you all soon =).

  3. Thanks for adding my button! Don't forget to send me yours! Is Flaming Amy's in Wilmington? My husband wanted to study marine biology in UNC Wilmington, but there were too many factors to consider, so we stayed here in Charlotte!

  4. What's Flaming Amy's and why don't I have one in the uk? Have a great time :)!


  5. ah, your blog is so lovely! i adore the first photograph so much!

    lindsey louise

  6. hi, i just stumble upon your blog and i think it is absolutely lovely!
    i love the whole 25th hour concept behind it, and you photos are amazing!