Sep 30, 2011

it's the little things v.3

It's that time of the week for the little things post hosted by Lindsay at From Aisle to Aloha!
This week may have taken a lot out of me, but fabulous things still happened, with a side of anxiety and stress to the point of going delirious. Of course, the good things always conquer the bad not so good so it has been a good week :]

Aisle to Aloha

Here are the little things that have made my week wonderful!

I think you've read in a few past posts that I am part of Her Campus Appalachian State, which is an online magazine dedicated to the women on campus with articles on style, health, career, love, life and many other subjects that make up a woman :) I am a staff writer and of course as soon as my articles go live, I will share! For now check out their website! We've got some great articles up so far about thrifting, food and Boone. Can't beat it!
(I've put a link on the bar up top and I've just recently made a button!)

Our launch was Sept. 27 so naturally we celebrated!
Thanks to Grace, Emily from (In the life of Emily) and the rest of the PR team we had a wonderful turnout/event. Here's to the other Her Campus bloggers! Laura (Left to Write) and Katie (Hello Sunshine).

+ New pants!
This isn't the greatest picture of them, but they are the most comfortable things in the world! I initially went to Old Navy to look for a present (which I did) but I also found these...on sale. Here's what they look like online. I'm going back tomorrow for the black ones!

+ Rearranging my room!
My goal for September from my monthly goals list was to frame my photography and hang it up in my I did! I got a little carried away with decorating and rearranging :) Here are some before and after shots. I am super excited about my heavenly little corner now!

 (The painting is something I did a couple of years ago. I'll either put it somewhere else in my room or try to sell it. What do you think?)


I added the frames, tree decal, birdcage and shelf.

Other wonderful things have also happened this week such as the first Small World Project letter exchange, getting to know who is our Package Pal (Mine is Laura Jane!), semi-good grade on exams, and SURVIVING the GRE. Now it's a weekend full of traveling (Hey again Atlanta!), writing articles and fitting in school work.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I love the birdcage! I've been looking for something like that but ended up settling on a wooden lantern instead, bummer!
    isn't it great looking for the little things in life that are great, though? :)

  2. Hi Melissa! I'm visiting you from Lindsay's link-up. I am totally intrigued by this Campus blogger Launch party - will definitely check out the website and I'll look forward to reading your articles once they go live!

    I really like the idea of clusters of frames but haven't yet been able to do that in my own home. I am SO structured; everything needs to be linear and symmetrical...I need to learn how to relax a little - decorating should be fun, right?!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Oh, sugar cookies with frosting! Yum!

    Love the new design on the wall. I definitely want to do something like that! I love trees too!

  4. What beautiful things to bring you up during a hard week. I love the after of your space. The birdcage is gorgeous and the pictures look great the way you've arranged them! Here's to hoping next week is a bit better :)

  5. that birdcage is amazing!! i'm loving this decorating girl! brava!
    xo TJ

  6. Gorgeous room! I love the decor. :)

  7. Adorable living room!! And what's up with all these sweet treat posts for the link up?? Don't they know I'm hungry!! AKA Those sugar cookies look delish and I'm jealous... LOL

  8. Love the new living room set-up! I made cookies WITH frosting too this past week, yum!

  9. So cute! I love rearranging - I do it way often. Your arrangement is so pretty :)

  10. oh love the decoration of the rooms! :)

  11. looks like you girls had an amazing time. and i totally tried on those pants the other day at old navy and fell in love! they didn't have my size in the color i wanted :( boo.

    please stop on by..

  12. I love the new arrangement! :) cute blog.

    xo, Samantha

  13. such a cute blog! i am a new follower from Soleil Selene!


  14. Mmmm now I want cookies :) And I absolutely LOVE the way you rearranged your room - that birdcage is adorable

  15. That is such a cute living room!

    And my email is, just drop me an email and we can chat about package pal goodness :D Excited!

  16. Those cookies look delightful! And the room rearrangement looks awesome!

    Cute blog.

    Lauren x

  17. oh i love that your room looks so cosy! hope you had a good weekend since this post! i'm on the verge of crazy home decorating (on the cheap) too!

  18. omg im so inspired! ive been dying to redo my room for the longest time so i have been spending all waking hours looking for ideas on pintrest :) absolutely to die for! birdcage and picture are amazing

  19. Oh mah goodness! I love your decor!! Beautiful wall collage and that birdcage is perfect!!
    Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  20. awww that owl is so cute- he OWNS that couch ;) hehe
    love the new look of your room! x