Oct 5, 2011

long overdue post

Sorry I haven't been updating as regularly!
You know, life just happens :]
Here's a quickie overview of the past days.

You should check it out :] It's "Small Ways to Save Money as an Appalachian Student" It's an article about the creative, yet smaller ways to save money! Saving money doesn't have to include savings account and ramen noodles. There are other ways, I promise. Read on to find out.

2. I also have my last article written for Appalachian's homepage up as well! It's about the Sustainable Development's trip to Madagascar this summer. My friend Logan attended so you should check out the story and read about this awesome trip they made!

3. Fall is beautiful and the leaves have definitely been changing colors. These photos were taken on campus of Appalachian State.

4. My trip to Atlanta was absolutely wonderful. It was one of my best friend's birthday's and it was wonderful being able to spend the weekend with her. I've met the best people in Atlanta. Seriously. I can't help but smile from everything that happened this weekend! I didn't take much photos because I was too busy embracing every moment, but here is me and the birthday girl :]

5. Giveaways!
My friend Emily is having a Sylvia Benson giveaway, so check it out!
I won my FIRST blog giveaway yesterday! It's the Pink Lemonade giveaway from much love, illy. I'm excited to get my pair of rosebud earrings! Yay for giveaways!

Also, Ashley is having an AWESOME giveaway! A total of NINE things! Check it out!

6. I'll leave you with a few snapshots!

1. My and my favorite fedora. Got called "fedorable." Haha how clever my friends :]
2. Atlanta - Wish I took more pictures of this great city.
3. $2.99 gas! I haven't seen this is in forever! Thank you South Carolina.
4. When I saw LION KING 3D! All this for $3.50! That's how move concession prices SHOULD be.

I'll be posting again sooner than later.
Thank you to all my wonderful blogger friends!


  1. Aw! I love all of this. Especially the fall pictures, fall is so wonderful. :) And congrats on winning a giveaway!
    I love your fedora, so stylish!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. i love when the leaves change:) so pretty!

  3. Those campus photos are gorgeous! I don't care what people say. Southern foliage is just as pretty as New England foliage! (Oh and also, happy late birthday!)

  4. love this time of year!! your fall photos are SOo pretty!!!

  5. I can't wait until the leaves really start changing here! What an adorable birthday picture <3

  6. Beautiful pictures of all the Fall foliage on campus! My campus is literally in downtown Charlotte so there are very few trees on campus. Congrats on winning your first giveaway :) Have a good week!!

    xo Amber P.

  7. You are so darling :) I'm glad you had such a great time in Atlanta, I've never been but always wanted to go! One of my really good friends had a chef internship there and loved it!

    I adore your pictures of the fall foliage, absolutely gorgeous. The leaves haven't quite changed here, so I'm really jealous! :D

  8. Beautiful Booone photos.. I wish I wasn't in the same building from 7am to 5pm so I could actually enjoy some of this pretty fall weather!!!

  9. Following you on GFC! I found you from Soleil Selene's link up last Tuesday!

  10. "fedorable", such a cute term! I might just have to steal that :O hahahaha
    by the way, your small world project letter is sentt! But I live all the way here in Canada so I'm not sure when it'll get there, but it hopefully will be there sooner rather than later :) !

  11. oh goshdarnit your delightful photos have got me all lovesick for a holiday.
    beautiful settings, it looks like fun times were had all round x

  12. Nothing can beat the beauty of fall colors (in my humble opinion) lOVE! ♥ Cat brideblu

  13. Your campus is so pretty! We don't even have those kinds of colors in New England yet (maybe it's the elevation?) but we will! I just love fall :)
    Also read your article in Her Campus...hadn't heard of that site. I work a college administrator and we've worked hard to have a blog. Happy Thursday!

  14. ahh oh my gosh those pics are so pretty. Love all of the colors. ha ha and your fedora is fedorable:)
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  15. WOW loving the fall colors. I'm huge with autumn :) wish I went to school there. I already had my fall taken away from me. Snowed in Utah today fml.

    Awesome blog!