Oct 21, 2011

a little pink lemonade + a little yellow

First and foremost, if you know me at all, you must know that one of my favorite colors is yellow and today I was very loyal to my color. A week or so ago I was super lucky to win a giveaway hosted by Ilene of much love, illy (she's one of my favorite blogs!) + Paige of Pink Lemonade! I won a pair of rosette earrings made by Pink Lemonade, so naturally I chose yellow.

Just wanted to say to them:
I'm in love with my earrings!

So despite Boone's little weather tantrum, I figured I'd outshine the weather by wearing one of my favorite coats. At least I finally get to dig up my coat collection even if Boone tends me [literally] blow me away with her weather. Ah, and yes. My cheeks are no longer chipmunk size :]

Earrings: Pink Lemonade | Ring: Local shop in Atlanta | Coat: Old Navy | Boots: Rack Room Shoes | Skirt: Forever 21 | Flannel: JCPenny | Cardigan: Forever 21 | Bun: Inspired by windy weather/laziness/&Kourtney Kardashian
(Next time, I need to wear more on top of my head)

I never meant to blog about my outfits this much. It's honestly a really weird concept for me, but hey, things happen :]

Happy almost weekend everyone!

What's your color soulmate?

PS: I designed + added another button, redid my sidebar bio and redid the banner! I've also been working on my Flickr account, so once I get more photos organized I can FINALLY share with you all more of my photography.


  1. too cute! i love the little birdie ear stud! and of course the coat!! yellow is an awesome fall/summer/ all YEAR round color!!

  2. Oh I really love that coat! It's so cute.

  3. amazing blog!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!!

  4. Wow how lucky are you! Those earrings are big & lovely! I'm such a fan of big button type earrings. And they're more amazing because they're yellow.


  5. Girl - you are on a roll! What's that - three wins in the last week or two? ;-) Congrats on winning that one too! Love that color and coat. Hm. Pink is my soulmate. There I said it. :-)

  6. Such a cute outfit and what adorable earrings! It's been all blah down this way too hopefully that bright yellow jacket will cheer up this weather.

    xo Amber P.

  7. Cute! Your earrings are darling! xoxo


  8. Congrats on winning the earrings! I love your outfit:)

  9. You look B-eautiful in yellow. Those earrings are such a fun touch!
    Great combo for fall:)

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  11. beautiful pictures! I love that mustard yellow trench & the ring is such a nice touch to it!! absolutely BANGIN'!

  12. MY color soulmate is DEFINITELY cobalt blue. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You look awesome in yellow! Lucky girl winning those earrings!

    Goodwill Huntingg

  13. I also love yellow! Those earrings are great! I love your outfits and seeing you blog about them <3

  14. Ah, they are super gorgeous!
    Happy Monday xxx

  15. Love the color yellow also! Those earrings and that coat are fantastic!

  16. Lovely earrings! I have a very similar yellow trench just like this one... I love that color too... :)

    Come visit my blog for a giveaway (photography related)... :)


  17. love it. what a wonderful, bright colored post to see on a cold fall day :)

  18. that's so awesome! you must be a lucky gal.. i never seem to win those kind of things :)


  19. I love all that yellow on you!! Makes me smile :)
    and your new sidebar is beautiful!


  20. Such a good color for you! And that O.N. jacket is to die for.

    I don't know if I have just one color soulmate but if I do, it's red. I will seriously pick up anything that is red. I gravitate towards it in makeup, book covers, pillows, fabrics, kitchen appliances, and foliage. :)

  21. Those earrings are so lovely and I love your tiny bird studs too! =)

    star-crossed smile