Feb 7, 2012

Tuesday Tunes v.7 | Wild Sweet Orange

Tuesday Tunes v.7 by melissa vega on Grooveshark

"Seeing and Believing" is currently the second most played song on my iTunes. It could be nostalgia that comes with this song, but it definitely strikes a chord with me. Maybe it's his voice...maybe it's their band name...maybe it's their lyrics, but something about this band gets me hooked and keeps me there. Unfortunately they broke up in 2010, but I continually listen to their EP and full length album, religiously.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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  1. Ok, I am definitely gonna check this out!! I love getting new music recommendations <3

  2. Holy moly, I LOVE this band! I've been needing some new music, so gracias for sharing!

  3. another great edition. Thanks for adding new music to my work rotation!

  4. wow! so cool! I love the photo.


  5. Such a bummer they broke up. At least, we can still enjoy their music!

  6. now following you!! Follow me back?!(:

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