Feb 19, 2012

Imaginary Closet

Once upon a time, 
 in a land far, far away without credit card payments, tuition, deadlines or alarm clocks, there existed a tree that grew money. Real money where college girls could visit and pick as many dollar fruits necessary to buy dresses of all sorts from Mod Cloth. Also in this far, far away land existed to-go closets where everyone could have infinite room for all their beautiful dresses and take them wherever they please. Whenever they would wear these dresses, magical things would happen! Finding love isn't just for princesses. Love existed everywhere...in their bellies (because cuisine was exquisite in this land) and in their hearts. Life was just as beautiful as Pinterest makes it out to be. With their dresses by their side, beautiful college students lived happily ever after.
The End.
all images via Mod Cloth


  1. This was an adorable post. I love all of your choices.

  2. i have been eyeing that white dot dress, it is so cute! plus everyone needs a cute little white dress :D

  3. I feel your pain! I would have the money to buy a million dresses if I didn't have to pay for essentials (not that I would stop paying for the essentials lol). I guess until I get an awesome paying job I'll just make this a section in my Pinterest board.

    xo Amber P.

  4. I love love love all of these!

    xo, Lauren

  5. Bahaha! Love the lil anecdote at the bottom. But you forgot that one day, when us little college girls graduate, we will have real paying jobs where we can start to make one of these dress collections! :D

  6. Hehe. I love the story. I with these dresses lived in my closet too... :)

  7. LOVE the one-shouldered mint dress!!

  8. Oh my gosh haah this made me laugh so hard XD
    So basically this dream land would have the mary-poppin's-bag of closets? SOUNDS SO GREAT.
    I love allllll of these picks, especially the first three dresses!


  9. I die. haha I want them all! Love the story!

  10. ooh, I want that closet too!
    I totally feel your pain...don't worry, you'll soon be employed :)

  11. I love every single one of these! If only I wasn't a broke college student :)

    xo Shane

  12. i'd like to find this money tree to buy loads of washi tape and pretty dresses... for now, it's nice to collect them on pinterest etc :)