Feb 13, 2012

Tuesday Tunes v.8 | Bon Iver

If anyone of you either watched the Grammy's or received all the social media updates on it, you would know that the talented indie band Bon Iver received the Grammy for "Best New Artist" and there were a lot of "confusion" and "Who is that?," but I am proud to show off the talent behind Bon Iver. There was even a blog created on tumblr called "Who is Bon Iver?" that includes all the tweets and status updates about Bon Iver's win. It's pretty hilarious. Some tweets include, "Who is Bonny Bear?" and "Why is that homeless man receiving a Grammy?" For those of you who don't know Bon Iver, here is an opportunity to finally be introduced to his music and for those of you who already know them, let's celebrate and embrace their recognition. These are the kinds of artists that should be recognized.

You go Bon Iver.
I loved you before the Grammys and well after them, too.

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  1. YES! Bon Iver fan 4 lyfe, yo. His voice is my favorite bedtime music. Also my favorite writing music. Also my favorite sad music. Also my favorite comforting music.

    He's just THAT good. He covers all my wild emotional ranges.

    And "Who is Bonny Bear?" is pretty much the funniest thing I've read today.

  2. I saw so many disappointed tweets and posts about Bon Iver winning - people kept saying he wasn't gonna be the same anymore and he was going to go "mainstream".... but honestly? I think it's so great he's getting the recognition he deserves! And for all we know he'll stick to his awesome indie roots and keep on making gorge music :3
    Thanks for sharing that tumblr LMFAOOO so funny!


  3. I love love love him. LOVE. I saw your tweet (I think it was from you...) about the Who Is Bon Iver? tumblr and it has been cracking me up today. Long live "Bonny Bear."

  4. Funny story...several of the college students I work with were talking about Bon Iver in the office on Monday asking "who is this guy? I can't believe he won a Grammy, never even heard of him..." The best part was how they pronounced his name ;) so funny! I love his music!

  5. exactly the same thing happened with arcade fire last year, hilarious!

  6. i love him. i'm going to marry him... not really- but i do love him.