Apr 1, 2013

My Yellow Hat

I have been meaning to blog about this staple item during the Winter season. I introduce to you, my yellow hat, knitted by the talented Leney of A Girl Named Leney. I recently featured on her my Featured Artist and Shop Owner so if you like what you see, get there know her there! (You can purchase your own here!)

This yellow hat is the perfect addition to your wardrobe to rid the Winter blues. It kept the mountain girl in me alive and not my mention kept me super warm! Sometimes I just wear it around my house, just because I can. My hat and I have already had so many adventures together and have travelled to Boone and Boston just to name a few.

In other news, I am diligently working to release my portfolio website and graphic design/photography services! I am learning the art of balance and working from home, so thank you for your kind patience and support. I hope you all have a happy and productive Monday!

See the rest of this photo shoot here.


  1. Love the hat! My mom knit me a simple coral hat before winter. She also knit a navy blue one that my boyfriend adopted, and then we walked around for months in matching hats (albeit in different colors) but whatever, they were nice and warm :)

    Some Snapshots Blog

  2. okay, i absolutely love your hat! the mustard color is SO cute on you :) i'm obsessed with that color lately. ps. where are your glasses from? too awesome. i'm excited for your website release, as i'm sure you are! that's such big news girl.

    grace & love,