Jan 22, 2012

Cookies + Cupcakes

What else does a girl need?
Some baking, yummy frosting, an apron, measuring and the scents. Oh the scents!
I got my domestic on and I must say, I have officially jumped on the baking bandwagon.
The pumpkin cookie recipe has been floating around the blogging world for awhile and I must say, it is definitely the easiest recipe ever. Here is the recipe I used. The cream cheese frosting is made from scratch. I'm sure you can find an easy one to find floating on the web. I have already made these cookies four times in the last month. Oops :)

The Sprinkles cupcake mix was sent me from LauraJane for Package Pals 2011 and I finally used it! LauraJane [looks like] an extremely talented baker and since she couldn't send me cupcakes, she sent the next best thing. Ain't she a sweet thang? Well they were delicious! The pinwheels were won from a giveaway from Meg and from Earth Cookie Creations! Aren't they precious?! I made the cupcakes for a potluck and they were a hit! Only have three left. Actually...now there are only going to be two ;)

Keep calm and bake on!


  1. Those cookies and cupcakes look delicious! Baking can be so much fun :) I'll have to give those cookies a try for one of my cookouts (or cook ins since it's so cold out).

    xo Amber P.

  2. cupcakes are my life. just saying. love the photos! :))
    -jocee <3

  3. Now I just desperately want to go downstairs and bake some cupcakes/cookies....
    Though admittedly after my microwave incident this week I'm not particularly inclined to use any hot-appliance for fear of setting fire to yet another of my parents' kitchen appliances (Hehe...)

    You photograph everything so beautifully, makes my tummy rummmmmmble!

    PS. I TOO HAD A 2010 KLIMT CALENDAR. NO, not a 2011, not a 2009, A 2010!!! That's actually hilarious, great minds think alike/have great tastes I guess ;)


  4. I love baking too! I find it to be stress relieving (I just wish dishes washed themselves)...

    I will have to try those cookies. I cannot get over how ADORABLE those cupcakes are!

  5. Those things look gooooood. I love baking but I don't do it nearly as often! However, I did bake some amazinggggg chocolate chip cookies last night. It took a lot of willpower to not eat some for breakfast. Also, your blog design really DOES change frequently! I feel like every time I come here it's different. Always, cute, though. :)


  6. Oh my goodness, why must you tempt me with such things while I sit in class! This is just cruel, Melissa. ;)

  7. yum....pumpkin cookies are the best!

  8. mmm looks delicious! thanks for the super sweet comment! :) -Lo

  9. those pinwheels look awesome!! i love the design you selected, thanks for the giveaway follow-up :-) i like to know how the winners like their win. and those cookies look amazing, i love anything pumpkin. and i got a sprinkles cupcake mix from my mom too

  10. so adorable! Love the combo thanks for letting me create the pinwheels for you!

  11. I seriously love your blog, the design and layout are absolutely fantastic!


  12. Those pumpkin cookies look delectable!

    xo Shane