Jan 11, 2012

Neri Wedding

Do you remember when I mentioned I got the opportunity to shoot a wedding for the first time? Well, I finally am revealing the photos to my blog readers! One of my best friend's brother and [now] sister-in-law got married November 19, 2011 and they asked me to be their photographer for the reception portion of their beautiful day. I felt so honored, but I was extremely nervous. Their wedding was absolutely stunning and her dress was b-e-a-u-tiful!

Thank you Aimee and Ansell for extending this lifetime of an opportunity for me. It makes me (relieved) and happy that you enjoyed your pictures! I also had an opportunity to work with the lovely ladies Stephanie and Jamie who are the face of Viva L'Event. They were the geniuses behind this fabulously planned wedding. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and stay up to date with all they do.

All photos are (c) Melissa Vega


  1. Beautiful job! I love the detail shots.

  2. Wow! Someone has talent. Crazy good photos. Seriously <3 You should be so proud of yourself!

  3. Great job! What a beautiful wedding. You're very talented :)


  4. These are so great!!! I love love love the shot of the two hands with the ring, super well done with the photos, looks like you're well on your way to getting into the photography world ;) and what a beautiful wedding!


  5. Viva L'Event had a great working with you Melissa!! Thank you for your hard work!!

    Stephanie & Jamie
    Viva L'Event

  6. Oh these are such beautiful shots. I love love LOVE looking at wedding photos. You really captured the beauty in all of these.x

  7. seriously...PHE-NOM-ENAL PHOTOS!! you are a fantastic photographer and captured all of the reception SO WELL!! I feel like I was there!!

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  8. You did amazing! Congrats to you and them!

  9. Beautiful photos Melissa! We must plan a day where we can get together and finally do a photoshoot together!!

  10. You really did a wonderful job capturing the beautiful moments!! xoxo