Jan 27, 2012

Featured Shop: Elgie Designs & A GIVEAWAY!

I am EXTREMELY happy to present to my readers a great local artist from Boone, Laura who is the face and creator of Elgie Designs! We were brought together by mutual friends from Appalachian and I am so happy to showcase her shop. I feel honored to host a giveaway with her beautiful jewelry. Without further adieu!

Getting to know Laura:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself Laura and why you decided to open shop!
Well, my name is Laura Guidry. I'm a sophomore at Appalachian State University. I've flirted with several majors and I'm starting to think Interdisciplinary Studies might stick...at least this semester. I like writing, crafting, the cello and I'm fairly certain several friends are planning an intervention for my coffee addiction. I opened shop so I could channel my exploits in crocheting and knitting into something productive. I became addicted and there were not enough days in a year to handle the amount of earrings I was making so I figured I should share the crochet love.

2. What's the background behind the name Elgie designs?
The name Elgie designs comes courtesy of my best friend Chloe. She decided way back in high school that my initials sort of resembled an old lady name so we just spelled it out and a nickname was born. The nickname has stuck since then and who knows, maybe when I'm a old lady wearing enough crochet/knitted accessories to be confused for an Afghan, my grandkids will call me Elgie too.

3. Whose/What is your store inspiration?
Hmm....where does my inspiration come from... I like bold, funky accessories that tell a story. You know, that weird bracelet that your uncle brought back from vacation that you're not sure where it is from and is hanging on by one thread but by golly, has an awesome loud print. So, my inspiration probably comes from all around... traveling, different textures, yarn, that really cool bead from Beadbox or that old scarf that looked like it was craving some unraveling so it could take a new shape. And hopefully, my inspiration turns into some pretty nifty creations, the ones that show off your personality and are a little offbeat and funky. And never the same as the next.

4. What's your favorite part of being a handmade shop owner? 
My favorite part of being a handmade shop owner is, well, when people wear my designs! It's the coolest feeling to see someone incorporate something you made into their style and completely own it. You sort have to fight the feeling of a mom before their kid gets their driving permit...you know what I'm talking about, the feeling like you want to whip a camera out and have them pose despite the potential of completely embarrassing them. Gosh.

5. What's next for Elgie designs? 
Lots of crocheting and creating because Elgie designs will be at Boone's Art Crawl, February 3rd at Lucky Penny! You can also find some earrings made just for you on etsy as well as in Asheboro at Colorshow Gallery and in Wilmington at Lula Balou and Aqua Fedora. I'm working on some new designs so if you go to ASU and see a girl wearing a funny looking necklace (or is that a necklace) yarn creation, it's probably me, trying to figure out a new design and getting emotionally attached to a failed attempt. Don't you worry though, there will be plenty of lovely things for you at Art Crawl and on etsy!
Isn't she just so cute and lovely! Here's a little glimpse of what she creates!
Check out her shop for more items.

One of you ah-mazing readers will have a chance to win a pair of yellow crocheted earrings AND a brown crochet necklace! How lucky of you. I'm so jealous. I'm dying for one of each!

Here's how to enter:

MANDATORY: [Leave ONE comment]
(1) Visit her shop, tell me your favorite item, AND like her shop on Facebook! Leave me a comment afterwards with your email letting me know you did this and so I can contact you!

OPTIONAL: [Leave a SEPARATE comment for each]
(2) Add Elgie Designs to your favorites on Etsy!
(3) Follow this blog via GFC or Bloglovin'
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Wow FIVE entries for this wonderful giveaway :)

Giveaway is open until midnight Friday, Feb. 3, 2012.
Winner will be announced Saturday, Feb 4, 2012.

Be sure to visit Laura at Lucky Penny in Boone for her trunk show during Art Crawl on Friday, Feb. 3!
Support your local artists + shops! 


  1. The black crocheted bead earrings are my favorite. So versatile.

  2. I really love the grey and white crochet earrings! Such neat stuff!
    By the way I don't know of it's just me but the link for her facebook page doesn't seem to be working??


  3. And I'm following your blog.... somehow me clicking "follow" before hadn't worked.... which is lunatic because I still read your blog all the time :| saywhut.
    Well I am now so, goodie!

  4. Wow...this is seriously awesome, Melissa! Thank you for this chance!!

    I really like the blue beaded crochet earrings.

    Her facebook link doesn't work and I couldn't find her via a search :(

  5. oh boo. i don't have facebook. can i still enter?

    my favorite item is the green crochet beaded earrings. i added her to my circle too! (brownie points, ha)


  6. added her to my etsy favorites tooooooooo.

  7. i follow this wonderful blog. <3

  8. my favorite quote right now (it changes often, ha) is "silence is the most powerful scream." (anonmyous)

  9. I love the blue beaded earrings! and like her on FB.

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  17. Fav quote "The reason people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see the past better than it was and the present worse than it is" effronem@gmail.com

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  19. I love the green crochet necklace!!!! and my email is mcdowellmb1@gmail.com

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    My email is: harryka@appstate.edu

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  23. AND, finally, my favorite quote actually comes for a poem by Rumi.

    "Go my friend
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    Even on your foes
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    What do you think will happen."