Jan 15, 2012

laugh list v.2

I'm back with my laugh lists. Check out the first one here.
Since the beginning of the semester is right around the corner (and by corner I mean TUESday), I decided I needed to start this semester off with a few laughs because, let's face it, it's the only thing that's going to keep me sane. Along with coffee, some inspiration and a few road trips to surrounding cities to escape (because for some reason I like to do that).

Well, let's begin!

1 >> Karla, from Casual Bedlam referred to this photo in her blog post and I couldn't help from laughing. Hard. This is basically foreshadow for my final (yes final) semester for my undergrad. I know you college studs can relate ;)

2 >> I literally ran across this video while I was writing this laugh post. Fate?

"Hey can I borrow your Nickelback cd?"
"I completely understand my taxes."
"Hey does anyone know how to make Papyrus my default font." (My favorite)
Okay, I'll stop ruining it for you now. Watch the video!

3 >> One of my best friends, Catherine (who is also known as my Soul mate) left me this beautiful note on my typewriter (okay, cue the Hipster jokes. I know, I own a typewriter). Loved how she included that little "that's what she said" joke. I am surely immature when it comes to that joke (apologies) so I appreciated it.
 4 >> I saw this the top photo from tumblr and realized I had definitely done this a few weeks ago. Yup kids. I stuffed myself in a dryer. I used to do this a lot time to time as a little nugget, so it definitely felt a lot more snug than I'm used to. Regardless, it was nice little trip down memory lane. Just don't let your friends close the door and press the start button even for a second. Yup, my wonderfully kind and passionate friends did that to me. Ouch, right? You might have seen me tweet this photo if you follow me Twitter ;)

5 >> Last but not least, I found this "little gem" on my car window after I left Wal-Mart late one evening. Flattering? Maybe... Classy? Not one bit. Above everything else, it made me laugh. I think he got me at Eskimo.
(I apologize for everyone who saw the post earlier where the picture didn't work! Here it is!)

He's a keeper isn't it?
So great, I didn't even feel the need to blur out the name or number...
What made you laugh this week?


  1. The funny thing, I totally get in a dryer too.. it's kinda got to be done!x

  2. Lots of smiles and laughs in this one.

  3. I loved the one about the dryers..=)

  4. Hey! Just wanted to check in with you to make sure my blog button is the right size for your blog?

  5. So funny. I used to do this when I was little too.

  6. ps- i really love your glasses!!

  7. hahahahah i love the dryer picture! reminds me of me and my friends. and the type writer note is hilarious as well! I would love to own a typewriter. I am s u p e r excited to be your newest follower!
    Biggest love,
    Victoria from Unlock Your World

  8. TOTALLY relate to that first image - uhm, happening as we speak because second semester's already started for me? Maybe. I prefer to call it "waiting for my layer of watercolour to dry" rather than procrastination though. ;)

    That little note is just the cutest, you have such a sweet friend! I too laugh at that's what she said jokes. In fact I make them more times than my friends do (did I mention my usual 'crew' is a group of up to 10 guys? um. my bad.)
    Love this post, please do more of these laugh lists!


  9. Woo woo, thanks for the shoutout! That little image is the story of my life. Also, sh*t nobody says is my favorite thing to come out of this entire craze.

    And I am really distraught that I can't see the last image for some reason!!! WHAT DOES IT SAY?! Was a note left on your car?! I'm so intrigued by the mystery!

  10. That procrastination thing is me to a "T".