Jan 28, 2012

I remember: cupcakes in Raleigh

I'm going to start putting "I remember" in front of posts where I share photos that I've been digging up on my hard drive or memories I'd like to recall. I honestly haven't been able to take photos as much as I'd like to this semester and I just love looking back on that ones I have taken. Great, great memories.

These were taken May 5, 2010 in downtown Raleigh.

Cupcake Shoppe is a cute little local, well cupcake shop! This was honestly the first and only time I ever went which is so heartbreaking because the cupcakes are to die for! Living in Boone for college makes it difficult to support local shops in my hometown. Don't worry Cupcake Shoppe, we WILL reunite! The bottom two photos are two of my best friends Nicole and Frederick, who also happen to be siblings.
Oh cupcakes, why are you the definition of perfection?
ALSO! If you haven't entered this AWESOME giveaway from Elgie Designs, you should check it out. Win a pair of crochet earrings and a crochet necklace? You lucky, lucky dog!


  1. ooooh those look delicious. a pretty cupcake would be perfect right now! i used to live close by to the tastiest cupcake shop, but it closed down :( xo

  2. Ohohoh, cupcakes are practically my favourite thing :$ !
    Your best friends are adorable :)


  3. oh, cupcakes. they look positively divine, i just want to reach into the computer screen and eat them all up! great post :))
    -jocee <3

  4. i LOVE cupcakes! red velvets are my fave. :)

  5. you are so lucky to have a cupcake shop. our little town is no way classy enough to attract one of those! ha.


  6. Those cupcakes look delicious!

    xo Amber Pate

  7. Hi Melissa, I feel so silly....I have has your prize sitting in my studio for too long without having the correct contact details on it. I contacted Lauren last night to get your deets and it will be in the mail on Monday with an extra little treat ;) I hope you're having a great weekend!
    Toni xo

  8. Yuuuuuum! They looks amazing! :)

  9. Um, I love that idea! I agree with you about not being able to take as many photos (or for me, do as many things) and there are a lot of things I could back track and post about. I may use your creative idea and tweak it a little.

    These cupcakes look fantastic <3 And the pictures are amazing, as always!

  10. Yum! I love the sign - so cute!

  11. That. looks. awesome. And I love the way you framed the first photo. Gorgeous.

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