Mar 16, 2012


A combination you just can't beat!

I love those lemon girl scout cookies. My favorite used to be tagalongs, oh excuse me, "peanut butter patties", but now they're just too sweet. Or am I just getting old? Is there such thing as too sweet? By the way, does anyone know the story behind the name change? Is it a regional thing? (I think that's what I heard)

Well in other news -

+ I have officially jumped on the Hunger Games bandwagon! *applause* *applause* *whoo-hoos* I know, I know, finally right? I've forgotten what's it like to read for fun and get lost in another world. Absolutely brilliant. It's pretty crazy the parallels I've made between District 12 and actual coal company towns in the Appalachia (I'm taking a Sociology course about Appalachian Communities). I sound like such a nerd!

+ I would like to personally thank Spring Break for the ten pounds I gained and I'm not even exaggerating. Oh God, let's hope I'm exaggerating. I can't help but love my mom's Filipino cooking and frozen yogurt dates with my younger sister. Oh, right, and I definitely opened up the Tolberone chocolate in the pantry. Oops. I did take a Zumba class this week! Cancels at least the frozen yogurt...right?

+ I also will be going to Washington DC this weekend to watch my Daddy run a marathon! He is trying to run a marathon in every state...and then in every continent. I wonder where I get my ambition from? ;) I finally get to watch him run one! I've lost track of how many he's ran, but let's just say he's planning to run one in Beijing in May! Very proud daughter over here.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend up ahead! Mid March already??
Well, actually, wait until I graduate in May and then you can slow down again.


  1. ahhh i forgot to get girl scout cookies this year and i'm beating myself up over it! love the lemon ones!

  2. so, the lemon ones are my favorite and i'm jealous. cute photos!
    -jocee <3

  3. I'm thinking that I'm possibly gaining weight and I'm not on spring break. What's up with that! I say you just enjoy your cookies anyways girl. C:

    Happy weekend!


  4. yes definitely..SLOW DOWN WORLD hahaha
    I just had some of those cookies today! I will try them with coffee next time!
    yaay for Hunger Games, I'm almost done with the first book...I'm kind of a slow poke when it comes to reading haha.
    hope you have a great weekend!


  5. That's so awesome that your dad is running marathons everywhere! And the words "mom's Filipino cooking" definitely made me salivate. Lastly...did you redesign AGAIN?! haha


  6. My dad's a runner too, and has done some marathons before! I totally get that whole weird "proud daughter" feeling ALL the time :3 it's a nice feeling though!

    And yaaay for hunger games! I've been meaning to read the second book for a while but I've been so busy :( Soon I hope!


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