Mar 8, 2012


I haven't done much of outfit posts in like...four months, my apologies. I don't exactly find myself much of a fashion blogger anyway, but I'll throw ya a few outfit posts every now and then :p

Being in college I don't exactly give my closet much love. As you see from the above "bun" I have going on, I don't exactly spend much time on my appearance. For all you fashion bloggers who look so great all the time, kudos to you, but looking good and taking pictures to just too much work! The reason we "dressed" up was because we had a special little date at Ruby Tuesday! Even after working there for seven months, I can't believe I still go there to eat...what can I say, they have some good burgers.

One of my roommates Kaleigh (pictured above) wanted my other roommate Hannah and I to be her "personal stylists" so we picked through her closet and taught her to love belts and pull her skirt a little higher ;) I'd say she's learn a bit so far :) Well, we finally had a reason to get all dolled up since Appalachian's campus could give two craps what you wear, so it was a nice little reason to wear a skirt.

outfit deets:
[melissa] - blouse, banana republic | skirt, forever 21 | oxfords, forever 21 | belt, tj maxx
[kaleigh] - blouse and boots, unknown | skirt, downtown atlanta | butterfly clip, etsy

Hm, more outfit posts?
What else would you recommend I pair with this gorgeous light pink lacy skirt?

PS: I am officially on Spring Break! Weeeeee!


  1. More outfit posts! I'll reblog them on my Pintrest for ASULike It :)

    1. you're so sweet ;)
      maybe I will. I kind of miss them!

  2. love the skirts, oxfords and hair! :D

  3. Your hair actually looks as though you've spent a small part of your morning doing! My buns were never that awesome when I had longer hurr.


  4. so fun! I love that you and your roommy posed together :) I'm still perfecting my buns...haha!

  5. love love love love!
    You stylish girls ;) That colour of blue from your shirt is a great colour for you!!
    Please more outfit posts! (I don't normally spend more than 5 minutes on mine, the blogging world is quite forgiving of messy buns ;) hehee)

    I dare you to pair that skirt with some plaid ;)

    1. * 5 minutes on my hair. missing words. early morning blogging. don't mind me.

  6. I love your skirt. it's so pretty. And your bun? Yeah, mine never look so effortless and chic. Grrr. I guess I need to practice more.

  7. Melissa, you should wear skirts and put up your hair in a bun more often. You look very pretty!!! From your favorite blog fan. Love, Daddy.