Mar 2, 2012


All taken January 2010 in my first college apartment, J1
"I remember" is a photo series I started to look back at old photographs I've taken throughout the years. I've been feeling bittersweet about moving on to the next chapter in my life and I'd like to relive some of my favorite moments. Won't you come along? This weekend I'm in Athens, GA so you'll be getting a lot of "I remember posts"

Dear Apartment J1,

You were my first official college apartment and I thank you for truly teaching me a lot about life, relationships, friendships, roommates, cooking, laundry and of course being the ultimate place to hibernate during those winter months. Something about your wood paneled walls always kept me warm and safe. You were there for probably one of the toughest years in college and possibly my life. They call it the sophomore slump for a reason don't they? Even though you were much tinier than my townhouse now, you always felt like home. Plus, you were a two minute walk from campus! Such a stud you were Apartment J1.

When I look back to that year, there were a lot of things I could be angry about. On a small scale I could be angry at how loud I remember you being since we lived right by campus or on a bigger scale I could be angry at the constant confusion and feelings of lost I felt throughout that whole year...whether it was academically or emotionally, but I wouldn't be where I am today without it.

One thing I do appreciate you for is the constant inspiration I had that year with you. You were there when I got my DSLR camera and you were so patient with my desire to take thousands of pictures, even if close to 99% of them sucked. You were there when my passion took full speed and I will always remember that.

Do you remember when I got locked in the bathroom and when I called Vicki, our landlord, she laughed harder than anything I've ever heard before and that [hot] maintenance man came and got me out?
Do you remember when I spent the whole summer watching Weeds?
Do you remember I acted like a total college student, whatever that means?
Do you remember when I worked at Ruby Tuesday and hated it?
Do you remember when I started to truly fall in love?
Do you remember when I used to come home smelling like photo chemicals?
Do you remember when I tried taking a drawing class and was a-w-f-u-l?
Do you remember awful Biology class?
Do you remember when I tried to be a photo minor then switched to sociology?
Do you remember that hole in our bathroom door?
Do you remember when I picked up the guitar back up?
Do you remember when my roommate Chelsea and I would watch Maury and Jerry Springer?
Do you remember when we would stay up into the wee hours of the morning?
Do you remember when we had to attach the washer to the sink? (old school)

J1, although things were not all unicorns and rainbows, it was truly a wonderful year with you and that, I will always remember.

Your 2009-2010 tenant


  1. such a nice idea! I can totally relate to you since I'm graduating from school this summer (actually my last day in school is in only four weeks) and everything is ending so fast! Even though there are so many great opportunities waiting for me and things I can't wait to try, I will miss the people and my life right now so much as well.

  2. I like this series! Looking back on who we once were and remembering that through photos is always really interesting I find.

    Your apartment looked so cozy! I've always had a soft spot for wood panelled walls, & I love the looks of your duvet covers, neat pattern!
    I have yet to have a first apartment, HOPEFULLY next year I will have said experience :) We'll see.


  3. Chelsea! The old roomieMarch 2, 2012 at 3:04 PM

    Aw Mel! That year with you was one of the best and the worst but we sure did learn a lot and we made it out alive with a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE for each other and that apartment, despite it all. I ruff rou VegaMonster!

  4. Oh my, I love this. You described everything with such detail. Beautiful.

    And I just had to laugh about the hot maintenace guy getting you out of the bathroom. Sounds like something embrassing that would happen to me. :P

    Have a happy weekend, Melissa!


  5. That poster of The Used brings back so many memories for me. I used to have a "Bert is my Homeboy" t-shirt, haha.

    P.S. this post is pretty fantastic <3