Mar 1, 2012

Typography Thursday

Pssssssssssst...It's almost Friday! [Happy dance!]

This evening I am going to be making my way to Athens, GA to surround myself with good company, good vibes and good times. I just can't wait! This weekend is definitely needed so forgive me blogging world while I excuse myself. I may or may not schedule some posts for this weekend, but I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend.

Anyway -
This Thursday I bring to you...typography. I am such a fan. I've been downloading fonts since I was a little youngin' but my taste has definitely improved (at least I hope). Being in a Media Graphics class this semester has opened up my eyes to actual terminology used in the typography world and I. am. loving. it! Here's some typography-related things to keep you inspired typographically :]

Isn't that clever?

And now for some typography laughs.
And now you can't beat fonts + kittens!
Here are some of my favorites, check out the rest here.

Obviously, my favorite is Helvetica :)
Hope this made you smile today.


  1. Helvetica is definitely great ! I had no idea typography was such a cool thing ! Thanks for opening up my eyes to this huge revelation ;)
    Have a nice weekend

  2. You have no idea how much easier you just made my most recent Media Graphics project. Thanks you, thank you and thank you

  3. I love the Webdings font cat!!! It made me smile!

  4. Hahaha, I love these!
    I'm becoming so addicted to fonts, it's terrible making layouts because I can never decide on anything!

  5. haha omgosh i love the last kitty. hipster kitty? lovvve! great blog girl xo